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AR15 Gunners Mount Present Arms

Present Arms AR15 Gunners Mount – Platform with receivers and pockets for rifle, carbine, and pistol repairs. The ideal platform to work AR15 M4 M-16 lowers. Assemble, disassemble, and repair. Parts pockets are cut to prevent runaway components and a slot for supporting magazines when making repairs. Keep Reading

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DANIEL DEFENSE 300 BLACKOUT AMMUNITION: Daniel Defense 300BLK (7.62x35mm) subsonic ammunition is designed for target shooting and home defense. It is manufactured using the highest-quality components available, including durable brass cases and precision 220-grain Lapua- Scenar-L OTM bullets, the first choice for serious target-shooting competition

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TIMNEY AR15 Targa 2 STAGE TRIGGER with a LONG first stage take-up is a self-contained, 100 percent drop-in AR15 trigger unit that is ready to install in your AR15 for an exceptionally smooth, crisp, two-stage trigger pull. No gunsmithing, no fitting or adjusting required.The pull weight is factory calibrated for a two-pound first stage and a two-pound second stage.

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VORTEX SPARC AR SCOPE – Simple—Fast—Effective—Point and Shoot. When you boil it down, those are the advantages of a red dot sight. And that’s what the SPARC AR delivers – all in a durable, lightweight, compact, and ultra-clean package. Digital rear-facing controls for power and dot brightness offer quick access and are viewable from the shooting position. 2 MOA dot diameter promotes precise point of aim. Automatically returns to last dot intensity used when powered up. Unlimited eye relief and parallax free, the SPARC AR gets shooters on target fast

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9mm AR15 Trigger | 9mm AR 15 Trigger

The 9mm AR15 is easily where the most confusion lies with the 9mm AR platform. My own research was met with a lot of “Should work” , “Most 2-Stage” and similar vague answers. One of the problems is most AR15 TRIGGER manufacturers have not tested their triggers in 9mm AR15 rifles. The other problem is there are two different kinds of 9mm AR15 BOLT CARRIERS, ramped and un-ramped. We will get into specifics below.

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9mm AR15 MAGAZINE – The most common 32 round 9mm AR15 magazine got it’s start long ago when 32 round 9mm UZI magazines could be had inexpensively just about anywhere that sold such items. Depending on the 9mm conversion unit used there was a choice of modified or unmodified UZI magazines. The Colt 9mm Carbine and Rock River Arms 9mm AR both use modified Uzi magazines. The Hahn 9mm conversion block also utilizes the modified UZI magazines. Olympic Arms used to offer a conversion block to utilize Sten magazines. I do not believe that is still an option from Olympic Arms. Olympic Arms also offers a 30 round 9mm AR15 magazine that is their proprietary design to common their .40 S&W, .45acp and 10mm variants. This design has nothing in common with the UZI and UZI inspired designed.

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JP Enhanced 9mm AR15 BOLT CARRIER GROUP is machined to the same exacting tolerances as our bolt carriers, this second generation 9mm bolt assembly is an entirely new design that eliminates the need for a central mass (slug) to readily function with our 9mm JP Silent Captured Spring without compromising bolt weight and reliability. In fact, when combined with our JPSCS-9MM, you have the heaviest, most reliable 9mm operating system that dramatically reduces bolt bounce while improving accuracy.

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