Wilson Combat AR9 SBR 9mm AR

Picture of a Wilson Combat AR9 SBR 9mm AR

Wilson Combat AR9 SBR 9mm AR

Not simply a converted AR-15, the Wilson Combat AR9 has been specifically designed for superior reliability and maximum accuracy, while retaining the familiar handling and controls of the AR platform. The AR9 is available with your choice of pistol-magazine compatibility, barrel length, custom Armor Tuff colors and other accessory options to suit your specific needs.

Wilson Combat AR9 SBR Features

  • BILLet-AR 7075 Aluminum Flat-Top Upper and Lower Receiver
  • Threaded Muzzle (5/8 x 24) with Q-COMP Flash Hider
  • Wilson Combat® T.R.I.M. Rail
  • Wilson Combat / BCM Starburst Gunfighter Grip
  • Wilson/Rogers Super-Stoc®
  • Wilson Combat TTU (Tactical Trigger Unit) Two Stage, 4.5# (TR-TTU-H2) only.
  • Mil-Spec Hard Anodize Finish on Upper / Lower Receivers
  • Armor-Tuff® Finish
  • Use of Commonly Available Service Mags
  • Positive Lock Back on Empty Magazine
  • Match-Grade Accuracy
  • Standard AR Furniture/Sight Compatibility
  • Proprietary Bolt and Barrel for Excellent Feed Reliability with Common Bullet Profiles
  • Quiet Suppressor Host

Wilson Combat AR9 SBR Specifications

  • Available Calibers: 9mm
  • Barrel Length: 8″ or 11.3″
  • Overall Length: 25.25 or 28.5″
  • Weight Empty: 5lbs, 6oz. to 6lbs.
  • Magazine: Choose Glock® (See Description), or Beretta® Compatibility


Milazzo-Krieger M-K IIA3 Trigger

Picture of a Milazzo-Krieger M-K IIA3 Trigger

Milazzo-Krieger M-K IIA3 AR Trigger

Back in the day if you shot an AR-15 competitively and needed the best trigger money could buy your choice was a single trigger referred to as “The Trigger” from Milazzo-Krieger. The Milazzo-Krieger was also the most popularly copied trigger to the point Milazzo the man behind the trigger gave up on the market. In 2015 a gentleman named Ron Albanese bought the patents from Milazzo and brought “The Trigger” back to life. Not content to leave well enough alone Mr Albanese improved the original trigger as well as introduced a few new models. 

By many reports the Milazzo-Krieger M-K IIA3 AR Trigger is made better and performs better than the expensive well known triggers that are available today which happen to be triggers that borrowed Milazzo’s original design. The Milazzo-Krieger M-K IIA3 AR Trigger also happens to be less expensive. If you’re in the market for the best and most adjustable AR trigger available today, do yourself a favor and try the Milazzo-Krieger M-K IIA3.

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Milazzo-Krieger Two Stage Tactical Match Trigger System For AR15 / M16 Family of firearms.

The Milazzo-Krieger M-K IIA3 AR-15 Trigger is geared to the person that knows what they want in a trigger. The M-K IIA3 AR Trigger is the most adjustable of all the M-K II trigger systems. You get an adjustable second stage release along with interchangeable disconnector springs used on all M-K II trigger systems, as well as a new safety selector which can be installed from the left or right side of the receiver. Inside the new selector is an adjusting screw that allows the user to set the overtravel to the absolute perfect distance for their style of shooting. Having the adjusting screw in the selector gives the added benefit of steel on steel positive overtravel stops. This is a more firm stop then steel on aluminum found on other triggers. Combine all that with the A2 style short reset disconnector and you have an extremely adjustable, high speed tactical trigger with crisp, clean and predictable National Match release of the M-K II. This makes the M-K IIA3 ideal for your match rifle or that new DMR you have been thinking about. Fits receivers that use the standard GI size 0.155 receiver pins.

All M-K II models include:

  • 1 Hammer
  • 1 Hammer Spring
  • 1 Trigger Spring
  • 1 Trigger Housing assembled with a blue 4.5 Lb. Medium Disconnector Spring.
  • 1 Red 3.5 Lb Light Disconnector Spring
  • 1 White 5.0 lb. Heavy Disconnector Spring
  • Actual pull weight will vary slightly due to receiver tolerances
  • (Disconnector springs are easily changed to the users preference.)
  • 2 Hammer / Trigger Receiver Pins
  • 1 Sample tube of Slip 2000 lubricant

Common Features Of All M-K II Trigger Models

  • Interchangeable disconnector springs
  • Adjustable second stage release point
  • Anti walk pins

M-K IIA3 Small Pin

Small pin (Standard) Will fit rifles in the AR15 family that require standard Mil-Spec 0.155 receiver pins.

For Information on the M-K II trigger system click on this link.


VG6 EPSILON 9mm Muzzle Brake Compensator

Picture of a VG6 EPSILON 9mm Muzzle Brake Compensator

VG6 Precision EPSILON 9mm Muzzle Brake Compensator

The next evolution in Pistol Caliber Carbine recoil control has finally arrived.

The VG6 EPSILON 9mm sets a new standard when it comes to recoil management by virtually eliminating any muzzle movement.

This combination muzzle brake / compensator / flash hider is matched only by the amazing look of this device. The VG6 Epsilon 9mm carries many of the same characteristics that has made its higher-pressure cousin a runaway success. Three extended flash hiding prongs help minimize muzzle flash providing the operator an uninhibited view through optics or sights while porting design has been optimized for the pressures of 9mm. We have created a muzzle device that produces very soft, low-energy recoil that allows for quick, precise follow-up shots.

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VG6 Precision EPSILON 9mm Muzzle Brake

Hybrid Muzzle Device Dramatically Reduces Recoil & Muzzle Rise

A muzzle brake / compensator / flash suppressor hybrid, the VG6 Epsilon 9mm employs a two-step gas redirection process to produce a soft, low-energy recoil that’s easy on your shoulder. It helps you keep the sights on the target at all times, even during rapid fire, so you can saturate the target with hits – matter how fast you shoot.

  • Specifically configured for rifles, carbines, SBRs & pistols chambered in 9mm Luger (9x19mm)
  • Machined 17-4 PH heat-hardened stainless steel
  • Available in VG6’s gray-silver BBSS (bead-blasted stainless steel) finish OR with a hard Blacknitride™ finish
  • Fits muzzles with ½”-28 tpi threads
  • Crush washer included

Three prongs on the VG6 Epsilon 9mm substantially reduce flash signature, and with no ports at the 12 o’clock position, there is no distracting flash to get in your view of the target. Dual chambers inside redirect gas to reduce recoil; six valve holes on the underside release the fastest-moving gases from the chamber closest to the muzzle, further decreasing recoil.

The VG6 Epsilon 9mm hybrid muzzle brake produces a low-energy recoil impulse that’s so gentle you’ll realize why the VG6 motto is, “What recoil?” The unique appearance its bad-ass good looks give your rifle are a bonus.

VG6 Epsilon 9mm Features:

  • Material: 17-4ph® Heat Treated Stainless Steel
  • Surface Hardness: 68RC
  • Caliber: 9mm only
  • Thread: 1/2-28 RH
  • Weight: 2.5oz
  • Includes crush washer




Wilson Combat Match Grade AR-9 Barrel 16"

I’ve been a customer of Wilson Combat since the 1990’s when they were strictly a 1911 house. Things sure have changed since then. I certainly never in my wildest imagination would I have thought that in 2019 I would be writing a post about a Wilson Combat AR-9 Carbine Match Grade 16″ Barrel. Life is funny. Anyhow I have a Wilson Combat barrel in one of my AR-15’s and it’s a great shooter, proof that you don’t have to break the bank on a good shooting barrel. However with that said I am quite curious about Wilson’s “Match Grade AR-9 Barrel” as 9mm AR’s aren’t typically tack drivers given their intended purpose and I wonder just what is “Match Grade”. Will this shoot substantially better than a typical 9mm AR? I guess there’s only one way to find out if this is fact or marketing hype. I think I need to order a barrel and bolt carrier and find out for myself.

If anyone has experience with Wilson Combat 9mm AR’s or this barrel send us a message or leave a comment below.

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Wilson Combat Match Grade AR-9 Barrel 16″

Nearly two decades of building the finest custom tactical AR-15 rifles have given Wilson Combat the insight to develop a comprehensive line of stainless steel, match grade barrels that offer superior accuracy, reliability, and longevity for your next custom AR rifle project.

All Wilson Combat Match Grade AR-15 Barrels are precisely crafted from the finest American-made 416R rifle rated steel on computer controlled equipment to our exacting list of technical specifications. These proven barrels feature a hand-polished bore and then complete a rigorous final inspection process that ensures your new barrel will meet your most demanding expectations. All barrels feature crisp CNC markings, precision muzzle crown and a chamber optimized for reliability.

Wilson Combat AR-9 9mm AR pistol/carbine barrels are made with the same care as our legendary rifle caliber barrels.  These superb barrels are perfect for your next build and have been designed to work with most legacy 9mm AR uppers. The 1-10” twist is optimized for long range accuracy and 1” groups at 50 yards are not uncommon with match grade ammunition. These barrels use a 5/8”-24 TPI threaded muzzle for enhanced accuracy and work well with our Q-Comp muzzle brake.

Wilson Combat AR-9 Barrels are compatible with Colt, JP, and Stag upper receivers.

Wilson Combat Match Grade AR-9 Barrel 16″ Specifications

 Chamber 9mm
 Feed Ramps N/A
 Finish Matte Bead-Blasted Stainless
 Gas Block Seat N/A
 Gas System N/A
 Length 16″
 Material Stainless Steel, Type 416R, Barrel Grade
 Muzzle Threads 5/8″ x 24
 Profile AR-9 Carbine
 Rifling 1:10, RH, Six Groove, Precision Button Rifling
 Weight 26 oz.


Wheeler Engineering Delta Series AR-15 Bolt Catch Installation Punch Kit

Picture of a Wheeler Engineering Delta Series AR-15 Bolt Catch Installation Punch Kit

Wheeler Engineering Delta Series AR-15 Bolt Catch Installation Punch Kit

The Wheeler Delta Series AR Bolt Catch Installation Punch Kit will help get your next build off the ground by starting bolt catch roll pins in a snap.

The Wheeler Engineering AR-15 Punch Kit includes everything you’ll need for installing the bolt catch pin. The kit includes a starter punch and a finishing punch which are rubber coated to help prevent scratching your lower receiver. The Delta Series punch kit from Wheeler Engineering is designed to make the installation of the bolt catch pin a breeze.

The Wheeler Delta Series AR Bolt Catch Installation Punch Kit will help get your next build off the ground by starting bolt catch roll pins in a snap.

Durable and quality to ensure long life, the Delta Series AR Bolt Catch Installation Punch Kit also helps you add that finishing touch to your build by helping you seat the pins flush for a professional looking result.

  • Flat on one side for proper alignment
  • Packaged with 2 steel punches
  • Rubber over-molded to prevent damage to rifle

From start-to-finish, the AR Bolt Catch Installation Punch Kit is just the ticket for building and repairing your rifle.


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