Anderson AM-15 Cheap AR-15 | Brownells Coupon Code

Anderson AM-15 Cheap AR-15 $50 Coupon Code

I know I have stated this previously but the bar keeps getting raised (or is it lowered?) I think this may be the cheapest I have ever seen a brand name AR-15 being offered for sale. The Anderson AM-15 retails for $599.99. Brownells has it on sale for $509.99. Then if the Brownells Coupon Code 3344 is used here the final price is $459.99.

Anderson AM-15 Cheap AR-15 with Brownells Coupon Code

Anderson AM-15 Cheap AR-15 | Brownells Coupon Code

Anderson AM-15 Cheap AR-15



When it comes time to defend your legacy, turn to the SPRINGFIELD ARMORY SAINT™. It’s the ultimate refinement of the time-tested AR-15 design and represents everything that a defensive carbine should be.

The quality of a rifle begins with its foundation. That’s why the extra-tough Type III aircraft-grade 7075 T6 aluminum upper and lower receivers are joined using the Accu-Tite system. Unlike lesser rifles, the SAINT™ is rock solid, with no accuracy-killing rattle or shake. On the outside, a hard-anodizing treatment protects your SAINT™ from both corrosion and the dings and blemishes that accompany hard use. Inside the upper receiver is an M16 bolt carrier group machined from Carpenter 158 steel. It’s shot peened and magnetic particle inspected for long-term durability.

Springfield Armory Saint 5.56

The SAINT™ features a 16-inch Chrome Moly Vanadium barrel treated with Melonite. Because details matter, you’ll even find that hidden areas like under the front sight base are finished with painstaking care and detail. The 1:8-inch twist rate provides the user with complete ammunition flexibility – the SAINT will handle heavy 80-grain and ultra-light projectiles with equal aplomb.

While receiver fit and barrel construction represent the foundation of accurate performance, the trigger is the final interface between the shooter and rifle. The SAINT™ features micro-polished trigger components treated with Nickel Boron. The result is the feel of a competition trigger with the appropriate mil-spec pull weight for a defensive rifle. The SAINT is easy to shoot to its full performance potential.

Speaking of performance, the SAINT™ is designed for smooth operation and fast but controlled follow-up shots. The mid-length gas system paired with a heavier carbine “H” heavy Tungsten buffer slows and smooths out the recoil cycle, creating a shooting experience second to none.

What makes the Springfield Armory Saint 5.56 Superior?

Unlike most AR-type rifles that leave the factory with standard mil-spec furniture, the SAINT™ includes meaningful upgrades across the board. The Bravo Company Mod 0 Pistol Grip offers a more vertical orientation designed to support a natural hold when shooting from the modern combat stance. The grip is complemented by a Bravo oversized trigger guard designed for easy reach, with or without gloves. The Bravo Company buttstock offers positive cheek weld areas, a rubber butt plate for traction, and both QD and fixed sling attachment points. Like the Accu-Tite receiver, it’s designed for tight, rattle-free operation in any of its six positions. The all new and exclusive Bravo PKMT two-piece handguard covers aluminum heat shields but offers a super-slim profile. KeyMod attachment points allow placement of accessories according to your personal preference. In short, you’ll feel the difference.

A defensive rifle must also be reliable, and that’s why the SAINT™ uses a dry lubricant coating inside the bolt carrier group and receiver extension tube that keeps it performing in the worst of conditions.

The SAINT™ is optics-ready out of the box. The flat-top receiver is topped with Springfield Armory® low profile flip-up dual aperture rear sight with ½ minute of angle windage adjustment capability. Up front, the A2-style gas block and front sight features a standard post adjustable for elevation.

The bottom line? When it’s time to protect and defend, trust the SAINT™.

View and Download the Springfield Armory Saint Specification Sheet Below

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View and Download the Springfield Armory Saint Operation Manual Below

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DPMS Oracle Cheapest AR-15 2016 RFA3-OC

Cheapest AR-15 2016

DPMS Oracle Cheapest AR-15 2016 RFA3-OC

DPMS Oracle AR-15 RFA3-OC

DPMS Oracle Cheapest AR-15 2016 RFA3-OC

Just when I thought an AR-15 could not be purchased cheaper than the recent OEM editions, Brownells begins to offer the DPMS Oracle for $499 which has the be Cheapest AR-15 2016.The price is not only amazingly low but the DPMS Oracle also remains in stock at the time when there is a rush to purchase AR-15 rifles due to the Orlando shootings and their political ramifications.

Click for Price and Availability

DPMS Oracle Description

The best value around. Quite possibly our best value yet. This lightweight optics ready carbine features a mil-std A3 upper receiver, lightweight barrel and Pardus stock for user comfort and advanced capability. Allof this and plenty more, at a price set for any budget.

This lightweight optics ready carbine features a mil-std A3 upper receiver, lightweight barrel and Pardus stock for user comfort and advanced capability. All of this and plenty more, at a price set for any budget.

Featuring a 16” Lightweight chrome moly barrel with a 1-9 twist. The DPMS Oracle Cheapest AR-15 2016 RFA3-OC weighs in at approximately 6.4 pounds. Both the upper and lower receivers are made from forged 7075 T6 aluminum. It also features a standard A2 pistol grip, a Glacier Guard handguard, A2 birdcage flash hider, and a railed gas block so you are optics ready!

DPMS Oracle

Tactical Carbines for personal defense and law enforcement to modern sporting-rifle applications, DPMS has a trustworthy reputation for producing affordable AR platforms. Each of these Oracle models is a gas-operated, rotating-bolt semiautomatic tactical rifle with an 8620 steel bolt carrier, plated per military specifications, that gives you standard AR-15 fire control. 16″ lightweight chrome-moly steel barrel. The DPMS Pardus six-position adjustable stock is impervious to the elements. Outfitted with a dust cover, shell deflector and right-hand ejection.

Both the upper and lower receivers are 7029 T6 aluminum alloy that is hard-coated-anodized per military specifications and Teflon®-coated. MIL-STD A3 flat-top upper receiver and railed gas block accommodate your choice of optics. Lower receiver features a standard AR-15 trigger group, integrated trigger guard and aluminum magazine release button. Carbine-length GlacierGuard handguard. A2 pistol grip and A2 birdcage flash hider.

  • Oracle™ .223 Rem./5.56 NATO Compliant – The 16″ lightweight 4140 chrome-moly steel barrel brings the gun’s total weight down to just 6.3 lbs. 1:9 right-hand rate-of-twist rifling. Includes one 10-round magazine.
  • Oracle™ .223 Rem./5.56 NATO The 16″ lightweight 4140 chrome-moly steel barrel brings the gun’s total weight down to just 6.4 lbs. 1:9 right-hand rate-of-twist rifling. Includes one 30-round magazine.

AERO Precision AR15 OEM Rifle

AERO Precision AR15 OEM Rifle

AERO Precision AR15 OEM Rifle

High-End, Nearly Complete AR Includes Everything You Need – Nothing You Don’t

This fully-assembled, nearly-complete, Brownells-exclusive rifle from Aero Precision is constructed using second-to-none components to ensure the highest level of accuracy and reliability, while leaving off the handguard and buttstock – the most customized parts of an AR-15 anyway.

Take the money you’ve saved on parts you may throw away, and build the AR-15 of your dreams from the start! Simply choose the free-float handguard that fits your needs, sights, and a mil-spec buttstock, snap them on and head to the range.

Aero Precision OEM AR15 Rifle

Aero Precision OEM AR15 Rifle

M4 Aero Precision Upper Receiver

  • Mid-Length Gas & Barrel System Ideal for free-float handguards
  • 16” 5.56 NATO, 1:7 Twist Barrel with M4 feed ramps
  • Barrel is machined from 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium steel to a Government, mid-length profile, then treated with a QPQ corrosion-resistant finish
  • ½-28 barrel thread pitch includes an installed A2 flash hider
  • M16 Bolt/Carrier Group features 8620 steel carrier with phosphate finish & chrome lining, and has a properly-staked Gas Key
  • Bolt machined from Carpenter 158 – High Pressure Tested & Magnetic Particle Inspected

Aero Precision Gen 2 Lower Receiver 

  • Flared mag well & upper tension screw
  • Standard AR-15 Lower Parts Kit
  • Mil-spec AR-15/M14 Buffer Kit
  • Forged from 7075 T6 Aluminum
  • Matte black hard anodized finish

AERO AC-15 Complete Rifle

AERO AC-15 Aero Precision -

AERO AC-15 Aero Precision


Typically budget AR15’s aren’t always the “deal” they appear to be. Typical sub-par rear sights, generic mags and economy barrels. That is not the case with Aero Precision’s low cost entry the Aero AC-15. The rifle features a Magpul MBus rear sight, Magpul 20 round PMAG and Aero’s own  16″ 1:7 Chrome Moly barrel. In my opinion this is a great entry level rifle and a solid foundation to build from. Visit Aero Precision for current pricing.

The Aero Precision AERO AC-15 Complete Rifle is a budget friendly, high quality rifle featuring mil-spec parts and accessories made in America.This cost-efficient rifle is ready to operate straight out of the box and can easily be upgraded over time. Don’t sacrifice quality to save money – buy from Aero Precision and have confidence in your rifle. All Aero Precision complete rifles are assembled by our professional gunsmiths and are tested prior to leaving our facility.

AERO AC-15 Upper Features:

  • Upper: Standard M4 Upper Receiver
  • Barrel: 16″ 5.56 NATO, Carbine Length, 1:7 Twist, 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium, QPQ corrosion resistant finish, M4 Profile
  • Sights: Magpul MBUS® Rear Sight, A2 Front Sight
  • Handguard: Standard M4 Carbine Handguard with double heat shield
  • Gas System: Carbine Length Gas System and A2 Pinned Front Sight Block
  • Bolt Carrier Group: M16 Cut, 8620 Steel, Phosphate Finish, Properly Staked, Carpenter 158 Bolt, HP and MPI Tested
  • Muzzle Device: Standard A2 Flash Hider

AERO AC-15 Lower Features

  • Lower: Gen 2 Lower Receiver with flared magwell and upper tension screw
  • Lower Parts Kit: Standard AR15 Lower Parts Kit
  • Buffer Kit: Standard Mil-Spec AR15/M4 Buffer Kit
  • Stock: Standard M4 Collapsable Stock
  • Grip: Standard A2 Pistol Grip
  • Magazine: Magpul 30 Round PMAG®

AERO AC-15 Specifications

  • Chamber 5.56 NATO
  • Barrel Length 16″
  • Finish Anodized Black
  • Weight 6.24lbs (w/o magazine)

AERO AC-15 Aero Precision



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