Milazzo-Krieger M-K IIA3 Trigger

Picture of a Milazzo-Krieger M-K IIA3 Trigger

Milazzo-Krieger M-K IIA3 AR Trigger

Back in the day if you shot an AR-15 competitively and needed the best trigger money could buy your choice was a single trigger referred to as “The Trigger” from Milazzo-Krieger. The Milazzo-Krieger was also the most popularly copied trigger to the point Milazzo the man behind the trigger gave up on the market. In 2015 a gentleman named Ron Albanese bought the patents from Milazzo and brought “The Trigger” back to life. Not content to leave well enough alone Mr Albanese improved the original trigger as well as introduced a few new models. 

By many reports the Milazzo-Krieger M-K IIA3 AR Trigger is made better and performs better than the expensive well known triggers that are available today which happen to be triggers that borrowed Milazzo’s original design. The Milazzo-Krieger M-K IIA3 AR Trigger also happens to be less expensive. If you’re in the market for the best and most adjustable AR trigger available today, do yourself a favor and try the Milazzo-Krieger M-K IIA3.

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Milazzo-Krieger Two Stage Tactical Match Trigger System For AR15 / M16 Family of firearms.

The Milazzo-Krieger M-K IIA3 AR-15 Trigger is geared to the person that knows what they want in a trigger. The M-K IIA3 AR Trigger is the most adjustable of all the M-K II trigger systems. You get an adjustable second stage release along with interchangeable disconnector springs used on all M-K II trigger systems, as well as a new safety selector which can be installed from the left or right side of the receiver. Inside the new selector is an adjusting screw that allows the user to set the overtravel to the absolute perfect distance for their style of shooting. Having the adjusting screw in the selector gives the added benefit of steel on steel positive overtravel stops. This is a more firm stop then steel on aluminum found on other triggers. Combine all that with the A2 style short reset disconnector and you have an extremely adjustable, high speed tactical trigger with crisp, clean and predictable National Match release of the M-K II. This makes the M-K IIA3 ideal for your match rifle or that new DMR you have been thinking about. Fits receivers that use the standard GI size 0.155 receiver pins.

All M-K II models include:

  • 1 Hammer
  • 1 Hammer Spring
  • 1 Trigger Spring
  • 1 Trigger Housing assembled with a blue 4.5 Lb. Medium Disconnector Spring.
  • 1 Red 3.5 Lb Light Disconnector Spring
  • 1 White 5.0 lb. Heavy Disconnector Spring
  • Actual pull weight will vary slightly due to receiver tolerances
  • (Disconnector springs are easily changed to the users preference.)
  • 2 Hammer / Trigger Receiver Pins
  • 1 Sample tube of Slip 2000 lubricant

Common Features Of All M-K II Trigger Models

  • Interchangeable disconnector springs
  • Adjustable second stage release point
  • Anti walk pins

M-K IIA3 Small Pin

Small pin (Standard) Will fit rifles in the AR15 family that require standard Mil-Spec 0.155 receiver pins.

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Note the current version of the PWS MOD 2 H3 Carbine Buffer features a fluted black body. The weight is also listed at 5.2 ounces versus 5.5 ounces of the original silver version pictured on this page.

The PWS MOD2 Carbine H3 Buffer is perfect for shooters who need to reduce cyclic rate or dampen recoil. The fluted design features minimal contact points within the buffer tube allowing trapped debris to easily clear. The steel buffer body is protected by a slick salt bath nitride finish for smoother cycling and resistance to corrosion.


  • Salt bath nitride finish
  • Stamped H3
  • 4140 Steel Body
  • Weight: 5.5 oz
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • H3 Heavy Carbine Buffer 
  • Weight 5.2 Oz


Aero Precision M4E1 Desert MAD Dragon AR-15 Builder Set

Aero Precision M4E1 Desert MAD Dragon AR-15 Builder Set

Aero Precision M4E1 Desert MAD Dragon AR-15 Builder Set, Product Sku: APPG100102 – The Aero Precision May Builder Set features an M4E1 set with a Desert MAD Dragon Cerakote finish. These sets are hand finished by MAD Custom Coating.

This package deal includes the finished pieces you need to assemble your own Desert MAD Dragon Cerakote M4E1 Rifle, including an M4E1 Enhanced Upper Receiver, AR 15 Generation 2 Lower Receiver, Generation 2 Enhanced Handguard of choice and Billet Trigger Guard all finished in Desert MAD Dragon Cerakote. Stand out at the range with a unique and eye catching build. This is a one time offer for this finish – once they are gone, they are gone!

Aero Precision M4E1 Desert MAD Dragon AR-15 Builder Set Includes:

  • M4E1 Enhanced Upper Receiver finished in Desert MAD Dragon Cerakote. Upper receiver is assembled and includes the forward assist, dust cover and barrel nut.
  • AR15 Gen 2 Stripped Lower Receiver finished in Desert MAD Dragon Cerakote
  • 15″ Enhanced Gen 2 KeyMod or M-LOK Handguard finished in Desert MAD Dragon Cerakote
  • Billet Trigger Guard in Desert MAD Dragon Cerakote

Finish this build off with a matching stock and grip. These accessory pieces are available in a very limited quantity.

This May Builder Set is also available for the M5E1 (.308) platform.

Aero Precision M4E1 Desert MAD Dragon AR-15 Builder Set
Aero Precision M4E1 Desert MAD Dragon AR-15 Builder Set
Aero Precision M4E1 Desert MAD Dragon AR-15 Builder Set
Aero Precision M4E1 Desert MAD Dragon AR-15 Builder Set




I am pretty surprised to see Knights Armament AR-15 2-Stage Match Trigger show up in Brownells new products list. The KAC AR-15 trigger is not going to appeal to most AR-15 owners looking to upgrade their current trigger for a few reasons. The first being the cost.  The Knights Armament AR-15 2-Stage Match Trigger comes in as one of the most expensive aftermarket AR-15 triggers available. It’s cost exceeds more than arguably superior triggers like Geiselle SSA and Geiselle SSA-E.

The fit and finish while very good are also not quite on par with other premium AR-15 aftermarket triggers. The Knights Armament AR-15 2-Stage Match Trigger will appeal to those are loyalist to the brand. KAC rifles are battle proven. It’s also worth pointing out that if you own a KAC AR-15 that includes this trigger it’s probably not worthwhile to replace it. Let me be clear the trigger is definitely that good.
Made by Knights Armament Company (KAC), For .154″ diameter pin receivers only (milspec). KAC P/N: 98032, For your AR-15, M4, SR25, AR-10, AR308





Strike Forward Assist | Strike AR 15 Forward Assist

Strike Forward Assist | Strike AR 15 Forward Assist

Strike Forward Assist

Strike Industries does an exceptional job of designing and manufacturing AR-15 parts that shooters dont know they need.

The critically aclaimed Strike Forward Assist is the latest addition to the Strike Industries line of high performance AR-15 parts. The Strike AR-15 Forward Assist Plunger is made of lightweight aluminum alloy for those looking to retain the functionality of a forward assist, while seeking weight savings wherever they can.

The forward assist pawl is constructed of tool steel to ensure positive engagement of the forward assist ratchets on compatible bolt carriers and maintain long service life.

The Strike Forward Assist is available in the follwing colors.

  • Black
  • Red
  • Gray
  • Blue
Strike AR-15 Forward Assist

Strike AR-15 Forward Assist

Forward Assist Package Includes:

  • (1) One Forward Assist Plunger
  • (1) One Forward Assist Pawl (Installed)
  • (1) One Forward Assist Spring (Installed)
  • (1) One Forward Assist Spring Pin

Forward Assist Features

  • Lightweight at only 0.2oz
  • Anodized Red Line color
  • Increased corrosion resistance

Velocity AR 15 Trigger | Velocity AR Trigger

Velocity AR-15 Trigger | Velocity AR Trigger

Today’s entry in the ever growing and competitive aftermarket AR Trigger field comes from Velocity Triggers of Phoenix Arizona. Velocity Triggers traces it’s origin from owner Tom Vehr. Toms experience come from 14 years at Timney Triggers. Velocity Triggers parent company Vehr Manufacturing provides triggers to Knights Armament for their rifles.

At a cost of $150 the Velocity AR Trigger is positioned to compete with the fantastic CMC Triggers as well as those of Toms previous employer Timney Triggers.

Velocity AR-15 Trigger | Velocity AR Trigger

Velocity AR Trigger

Velocity AR Trigger

The Velocity Trigger for AR-15 rifles is a Single Stage Drop-In Trigger that provides a nice, clean & crisp trigger pull.  The attractive price makes a quality AR-15 trigger achievable with any budget.  Simple installation makes the process easy & quick.  Available with a 3, 4 or 4.5lb trigger pull.

What is Velocity Trigger DLC Coating?

The latest innovation of Velocity Triggers is Diamond Like Carbon Coating (DLC) on the trigger which will give your Velocity Trigger the highly effective combination of a low coefficient of friction and high micro-hardness, its also a surface that will not rust and gives your trigger a deep dark black color.

Simply stated, the Diamond Like Carbon Coating (DLC) results in a greater wear resistance over the life of the trigger.

About the Velocity AR Trigger

Simply stated, The Velocity Trigger makes your AR feel like a true bolt-action sniper rifle.

The trigger group comes as a pre-assembled housing. It is designed to be installed into any AR lower receiver and drops into your gun easily. No Gunsmithing is required.

These are the steps, we at Velocity Triggers, are taking to give to you the quality you deserve to deliver the next shot as if your life depended on it:

  1. Every Velocity Trigger is 100% Made in America
  2. EDM wire technology and All Tool Steel are used to precision manufacture the trigger, hammer and disconnect
  3. Velocity AR-15 triggers are heat-treated to give shooters an exceptional lifetime of service
  4. Housing for the trigger assembly are machined from 6061T6 billet aluminum and black anodized to provide a lifetime of durability.
  5. The trigger is black oxide then hand polished to create the smoothness you desire from an exceptional trigger.
  6. The Hammer and Disconnect are treated with NP3 by Robar to provide super smooth feel shooters expect from a high quality trigger.

Important Velocity AR-15 Trigger Information

*Do not use with 9mm conversion or any other open bolt face AR-15*

IF YOU HAVE A POLYMER LOWER, we recommend putting a Velocity stainless steel shim underneath the trigger to protect the polymer lower.

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