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Ok now that I have your attention I want to give a quick opinion. I was born into a gun owning family. My dad, uncles, cousins all hunters. They were all old school and saw guns as tools to put game on the table. Early on though it was clear my path was headed in a different direction. I enjoyed guns simply for the sake of shooting them and later collecting them as well. In 1992 much to the dismay of all my shooting family and shooting friends I bought my first AR-15 or to be exact a Colt Sporter Target H-Bar for an astronomical amount of money $699. At that time my Target H-Bar was a new class of AR-15 from Colt that deviated from standard A2 rifle and colt carbine configurations. These guns were rarely found on store shelves and in fact it took months to take delivery. Around that time my home state of Connecticut as well as the federal government began discussing banning “Assault Weapons. Eventually my Colt Sporter showed up and in 1993 Connecticut instituted their first assault weapon ban. Several months later in 1994 the United States Congress passed the “Clinton Era Assault Weapon Ban. In typical fashion once someone tells you you cant have something you want it. When the government tells American shooters they cant have a gun a frenzy occurs because every shooter now must own one.

Eventually the Clinton Era Assault Weapon Ban expired and the shooting public quickly adopted the AR-15 as the standard semi-automatic rifle of choice. It is the musket of today’s shooter.

History Repeats Itself For Gun Owners

Over the years with the election of anti-gun politicians and anti-gun President Obama there have been many close calls for additional federal gun regulations. We have remained mostly unscathed at the Federal level. Unfortunately the same cannot be stated at the local level. Around the country local anti-gun measures have managed to erode our second amendment protected rights and prohibit American gun owners from owning today’s musket the AR-15.

Gun Buying Market Trends

Over the years there has been a trend from the gun buying public. Whenever there is the slightest hint of additional anti-gun restrictions shooters begin a panic buying and hoarding frenzy. AR15 rifles, assault rifles, high capacity magazines and ammunition disappear overnight. Prices skyrocket while gun and gun accessory manufacturers struggle with demand. Once the threat passes or god forbid legislation passes the market becomes saturated with hardware and gun and accessory prices plummet. This trend is fact.

Hilary Clinton Versus Donald Trump

About the the time the Presidential candidates began ramping up their campaigns the gun industry also ramped production for what seemed to be a high likelihood of Hilary Clinton as President. Everyone was poised to begin hoarding or make money from it. Then something strange happened. Pro-gun Donald Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States. Despite positive industry economic reports folks immediately not only ended 8 years of AR15 hoarding they stopped buying most anything gun related and very quickly prices of guns, particularly AR15’s and accessories plummeted. Example: at the time of writing this post shooters can buy stripped AR15 lower receivers for $40!. That’s about 70 percent discount off the original price. Shooters have become complacent with a pro-gun President in the white house.

Trouble On The Horizon

Unfortunately there’s trouble in the winds my friends. First off between the Vegas Shooting, School Shootings and Church Shootings the focus is once again on the “Evil Black Rifle” we refer to as the AR15 (no one other than marketing folks are buying into the “MSR” moniker). While the pressure is on Washington to “Do Something” for now the biggest threat is at the state level, especially with midterm elections around the corner. We simply must prepare for the possibility that the republicans will lose control of the house and senate. The risk also exists for pro-gun democrats to also get tossed out next election. Basically we are possibly headed for a perfect storm from which there will be no return.

Bumpfire stocks Are Not Just Bumpfirestocks

While there seems to be a lot of division in the shooting community about bumpfire stocks (Slidefire Stocks) make no mistake if we allow the BATFE to determine these stocks to be not suitable for public use this can and will open Pandoras box to rulings on “High Capacity Magazines”, “Hair Triggers”, “Sniper Rifles”, “Sniper Scopes” and just about anything else that can be placed in a negative light.


I titled this post “Why you need a 9mm AR15 now! to grab readers attention and there’s a bit of symbology in my message. I learned long ago to take advantage of the market trends I mentioned several paragraphs above. Right now because of market saturation prices on most AR15’s and associated hardware are at their lowest points ever and that can change in an instant. I learned long ago to take advantage of the market and focus on items that can be regulated and eliminated. In the the the year or two leading up to the awful events in Sandy Hook while other shooters were making their AR15’s look pretty I was buying stripped AR15 lowers, 308 AR lowers, magazines for AR15’s, AR-10’s, 308 AR as well as magazines for rifles and pistols I didn’t even own. I was also buying ammunition so I could shoot competition and plink without worry. I also loaded up on .22lr because we all know .22 is like gold when hoarding is underway. My point is think of all the different variations of an AR you might want and buy the necessities. If you want a .40 or 9mm AR that uses Glock magazines buy that stripped lower and magazines now. If you want a 9MM AR15 that uses the Hahn Block with Colt UZI style magazines buy a standard stripped AR15 lower receiver and full capacity Colt magazines now. I know this is an AR15 post but I’m still going to include buying magazines for other rifles and pistols. In my case for rifle I bought M14 and 10/22 magazines and for handgun I bought  various STI, Glock, Sig Sauer, HK 9mm, .40 and .45 magazines.

AR15 Lower Receivers

A note on stripped lowers for AR’15’s. Several times above I mention purchasing stripped lowers. The reason for this is the lower receiver contains the serial number and is the regulated part. I also suggest buying the AR15 upper receiver from the same manufacturer. Today many manufacturers incorporate proprietary features and finishes to differentiate themselves from other manufacturers. Save yourself some grief and buy matching parts.


It’s also a good idea to have an ample supply of reloading components even if you do not reload at this time. Buy quality dies in .223, 9mm, .308 Winchester and .45acp (and anything else important to you). Buy primers, powder and bullets. Store it away in air tight containers with dessicants. Don’t worry about a reloading press. Buy one when and if the need arises. Reloading components are also good to barter with. Typically with reloading hardware you get what you pay for. I have owned every brand of die and press. I prefer Redding Dies and Single Stage presses and accessories.  Next up would be RCBS, Dillon or Hornady Premium lines of dies. Hornady Progressive Presses and Dillon for those with much bigger budgets.

WHY YOU NEED A 9MM AR15 NOW! Conclusion

In conclusion the purpose of this post is to suggest a plan where you buy what’s important to your shooting now while it’s not only readily available but also at bargain bin prices. Don’t be the person wishing you bought this or that AR15 or the person calling your buddies begging them to sell you something before some new law takes place or a shortage leaves you dry of ammo.