Pantheon Arms DOLOS AR-15 Takedown Kit

Oct 29, 2017 | AR-15 Takedown Kits

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Picture of a Pantheon Arms DOLOS AR-15 Takedown Kit

Pantheon Arms DOLOS AR-15 Takedown Kit

Quick change barrel systems for AR-15’s are nothing new. I enjoy the ingenuity and engineering that goes into most them.Today’s entry is the Pantheon Arms DOLOS AR-15 Takedown Kit. The DOLOS is one of the most interesting approaches I have seen to date. Basically once an AR upper and barrel are configured for the takedown kit its a matter of pushing a button and rotating the handguard. (Watch the video at the bottom of the page to see the Pantheon DOLOS takedown kit in action.) What I like most about this AR-15 Take-down kit is it’s ability to use non proprietary handguards from quite a few manufacturers listed below.

Extra lock down collars are available to add additional barrels to an upper.

Note – Bolts should not be used with more than one barrel. Get an AR-15 bolt for each barrel you plan on using.

Pantheon Arms Dolos Take-Down System

The DOLOS Takedown Kit allows for quick separation of the handguard & barrel from the upper receiver, resulting in an extremely compact & convenient package. Kits simply attaches to your per-existing AR-15 barrel and is compatible with standard YHM free float handguards (Diamond, Tactical, etc). System works with standard AR-15 gas tubes and gas blocks. Once installed, user simply has to retract the bolt, insert the handguard, barrel & kit onto the upper receiver, turn the system 1/3 of a turn and you have an assembled upper receiver. Kit works great in conjunction with a LAW Tactical Folder for an extremely compact disassembled firearm.

The Dolos is a rapid deployment and takedown system (RDTS) for the AR15. Dolos enables discreet, concealed carry and rapid deployment of any Milspec AR15, extending the capability of any AR15 through its detachable barrel technology.

Benefits of Dolos include:

  • Discreet carry of full size rifle in small laptop bags, backpacks, and bags
  • Rapid deployment
  • Quick barrel changes
  • Multi-caliber transition
  • Hot-swap barrels
  • Easy weapon clearing and cleaning
  • Safe storage

Whether you want to put your AR15 into a backpack / messenger bag for covert carry, use multiple barrels with various calibers, or create your own genuine can of Whoop Ass, Dolos is your cost effective solution.

Why do I need Dolos?

  • Real firepower right here, right now.
    Handguns have a place – to get you to the rifle you should have had in the first place.
  • Fast deployment
    A Dolos equipped rifle can be ready to stop long distance threats and save lives in less than 10 seconds.
  • Small package
    The Dolos enables you to pack any AR into a very small package. It is easy to transport on a motorcycle or any small vehicle.

When do I need Dolos?

  • Backpacking
  • Bugout bag
  • Active shooter response
  • When you want to legally carry or transport a rifle without fear of harrassment, intimidation or arrest


  • Ensure that the lock collar is securely attached to the tri-lug and there is no freeplay in the barrel before shooting your rifle.
  • Take care to protect the gas tube when your barrel is separated from the rifle.
  • Be careful when inserting the gas tube into the upper receiver. It can and will bend bend if improperly installed.
  • Do not allow your bolt carrier group to slam home when your rifle is not fully assembled. Your charging handle will be damaged.
Pantheon Arms DOLOS AR-15 Takedown Kit Compatible Handguards

DOLOS Compatible Handguards

The rails and handguards listed below are compatible with the standard (1.850-30TPI) Dolos/Prometheus lock collar.  (Some may require modification)
 Rock River Arms
  • Rock River Arms DLX Series
  • Rock River Arms NM TRO Series
  • Rock River Arms TRO Series
  • Rock River Arms Aluminum Quad
  • Rock River Arms Aluminum Half-Quad

Yankee Hill Machine

  • YHM Diamond Series
  • YHM Smooth Series
  • YHM Todd Jarrett Competition Series
  • YHM Free Float Tubes
  • YHM Customizable Free Float Tubes
  • YHM Keymod Rails, KR7 Series Only
  • YHM M-Lok Rails, MR7 Series Only

Anderson Manufacturing

  • Anderson 12″ Diamond Free Float Kit
  • Anderson 8.75″ Slotted Free Float Tube Assembly

Unique AR’s

  • Unique ARs custom and stocked handguards (select Dolos compatible under barrel nut type before adding to cart)