The Brownells 9mm AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group is specifically designed for use in pistol-caliber carbines, which are a growing trend in the AR-15 world. This bolt-carrier group allows AR builders to custom-make their own 9mm AR. The Brownells 9mm AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group is constructed entirely from a single piece of steel billet and features a pinned weight that can be taken out for compatibility with different buffer systems.

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There are many companies manufacturing or assembling AR-15’s but very few have the knowledge and understanding of the platform like JP Rifles and particularly John Paul himself. The GMR-13 was a great 9mm AR, quite possibly the best. Now with the release of the GMR-15 they are taking the 9mm AR to a new level.

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JP RIFLES 9mm CARBINE AR15 GMR-13 – Designed from the start with the needs of law enforcement in mind, the GMR-13™ accepts the same G17 pistol magazines as Glock 9mm pistols for carbine/sidearm compatibility and is also available in select-fire configurations. Built on the PSC-11™ upper receiver platform with its dual charging systems, the GMR-13™ readily accommodates those with training backgrounds on either the HK or AR-15 platform. Also available for military and law enforcement, the complete rifle package includes our own JP select-fire trigger setup for precision trigger control in both semi- and full-auto modes. As with all JP rifles, the GMR-13™ comes with parts and service readily available from a trusted US manufacturer.

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Own the world’s most effective flash hider. The proprietary features eliminate muzzle flash, even on CQB-length barrels. The BLACKOUT® is inherently stronger and more impact resistant than four prong designs, while not being subject to the rapid erosion of closed-ended units. A high strength corrosion-resistant aerospace alloy, and ultra-hard Nitride finish provide the highest level of durability. Military tested and selected. This is the non-mount version for use without a silencer, in 9MM threaded 1/2x36tpi.

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9mm AR15 Trigger | 9mm AR 15 Trigger

The 9mm AR15 is easily where the most confusion lies with the 9mm AR platform. My own research was met with a lot of “Should work” , “Most 2-Stage” and similar vague answers. One of the problems is most AR15 TRIGGER manufacturers have not tested their triggers in 9mm AR15 rifles. The other problem is there are two different kinds of 9mm AR15 BOLT CARRIERS, ramped and un-ramped. We will get into specifics below.

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9mm AR15 MAGAZINE – The most common 32 round 9mm AR15 magazine got it’s start long ago when 32 round 9mm UZI magazines could be had inexpensively just about anywhere that sold such items. Depending on the 9mm conversion unit used there was a choice of modified or unmodified UZI magazines. The Colt 9mm Carbine and Rock River Arms 9mm AR both use modified Uzi magazines. The Hahn 9mm conversion block also utilizes the modified UZI magazines. Olympic Arms used to offer a conversion block to utilize Sten magazines. I do not believe that is still an option from Olympic Arms. Olympic Arms also offers a 30 round 9mm AR15 magazine that is their proprietary design to common their .40 S&W, .45acp and 10mm variants. This design has nothing in common with the UZI and UZI inspired designed.

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Why Would I Want a 9MM AR-15?

There are several key reasons to want to own a 9mm AR-15.

  • Duty Sidearm Compatibility – There is a great benefit to having a long gun share the same ammunition as you duty sidearm or everyday carry weapon (ECW).
  • Inexpensive 9mm Ammunition –  Typically 9MM ammunition is substantially cheaper than it’s centerfire rifle equivalent.
  • Reduced Penetration – 9MM ammunition can be a better choice than .223/5.56 centerfire where over penetration is a concern.
  • Sound Suppression – 9MM subsonic ammunition is still a formidable round when compared to a subsonic .223/5.56 centerfire cartridge. Think about it. .223/5.56 centerfire at subsonic speeds is a subsonic .22.
  • Low Recoil – 9MM in any AR format whether carbine or pistol is easier to shoot than .223/5.56 centerfire in the same gun. 9MM in any AR format is easier to shoot than the same 9mm ammunition in your Glock, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson M&P, Beretta or Springfield XD. Easier to shoot equates to accuracy and control. This in turn leads to more rounds on target.
  • Light Weight – In most cases a 9MM AR will be lighter than the .223/5.56 centerfire AR. The barrel will be lighter because of the larger bore required for the 9MM bullet. Some of the weight might savings might be negated by the type of 9MM AR lower used. A magazine full of 32 9mm rounds is lighter than 30 rounds of .223/5.56 centerfire. They also take up a lot less space
  • Fewer Parts – The 9mm AR-15 is blowback design. This is similar to most .22 semiautomatics, semiautomatic handguns and other 9MM cambered semiautomatic rifles. A 9MM AR15 does not use a rotating bolt and the gas system utilized by the .223/5.56 centerfire counterpart.
  • Magazine Capacity – The standard magazines are the 32 round Colts based on the UZI SMG magazines. They hold a lot of rounds in a slim package. The Glock based 9MM AR-15 magazines can be had in many capacities with 17 and 32 being typical. It should be noted that due to local laws shooters may be limited to lower capacities like 5 round and 10 round. Both Colt and Glock magazines can be purchased in those capacities. The capacity benefit diminishes though in this case.
9MM AR-15 Technical Considerations

9MM AR-15 Lower Receiver Wear and Tear

There is a misconception that firing a centerfire pistol caliber cartridge like 9MM Parabellum with the AR-15 platform is somehow “easier on the gun”. This is completely false. The AR-15 by design is meant to use the.223/5.56 cartridges ignited and expending gasses to cycle the action. This gas system combined with the locked rotating bolt do a magnificent job of absorbing the explosive energy of the .223/5.56 cartridge. The 9MM version of the AR-15 being blow-back operation does not use the gas system. This is offset by a heavy recoil buffer. There are many pictures on the internet where poor quality inconsistent 9mm ammunition caused catastrophic failure of the weapon. USE ONLY QUALITY AMMUNITION IN YOUR FIREARMS.

9MM AR15

9MM AR 15


AR 15 9MM

AR 9


AR15 9MM


9MM AR-15 History

Colt 9mm Submachine Gun R0635 aka Colt  9mm SMG

The 9mm AR15 might seem like a relatively new AR-15 variant to many newer shooters but nothing could be further from the truth. The 9mm AR15 roots date back to the early 1980’s with the Colt 9mm SMG R0635. The Colt SMG 9mm is a variation of the M-16 rifle that is blowback operated and fires from a closed bolt. It features a Safe/Semi/Full Auto Select Fire Trigger Group. The Colt 9mm SMG R0635 utilized a magwell adapter to accept UZI 9mm magazines. The UZI magazines were modified with a groove to allow the bolt to lock open after the last round.

Colt 9MM SMG R0635 Catalog Page

Colt 9MM SMG R0635

I read elsewhere that Colt never promoted the 9mm Carbines as they didn’t want the weapons to compete with their own 5.56/.223 Remington versions. This did not prevent law enforcement agencies from adopting the Colt 9MM Carbine.

9MM AR-15 Today

Today modern shooters have made the AR-15 Modern Sporting Rifle the most popular rifle in America. Shooters also tend to never be satisfied with what they have. Once exhausted of typical AR-15 hardware upgrades we tend to look to alternative AR calibers like .22 long rifle, .308 Winchester and pistol calibers. This page is devoted to the 9mm Parabellum version of the latter.



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