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Strike Forward Assist | Strike AR 15 Forward Assist

Strike Industries does an exceptional job of designing and manufacturing AR-15 parts that shooters dont know they need. The New Strike Forward Assist is the latest addition to the Strike Industries line of high performance AR-15 parts. The Strike AR-15 Forward Assist Plunger is made of lightweight aluminum alloy for those looking to retain the functionality of a forward assist, while seeking weight savings wherever they can.

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F1 Firearms Skeletonized AR15 Receiver Set

F1 Firearms Skeletonized AR15 Receiver Set is a modern take on the MIL-SPEC M16 of yester-year. This set was meticulously engineered to be as lightweight as possible, while remaining rigid and cosmetically pleasing. All areas not inherent to functionality have been stripped away, leaving a beautiful base for any build. Each set is hand finished and matched in-house, for the utmost in operational and cosmetic perfection that our customers have come to expect from us here at F-1. BDR-15-3G sets accept all MIL-SPEC patterned parts as well as Magpul mags.

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Spikes Tactical AR 15 Warthog Billet Lower STLB510

Here we have another AR-15 lower receiver with some pretty substantial “artistic” creative liberties. The Spikes Tactical AR 15 Warthog Billet Lower Receiver STLB510 is as the name implies. A lower with the likeness of a Warthog formed in to the magazine well. I remember when the Spikes Tactical spider logo was considered wild. My how the times have changed. Regardless we like the Spikes Tactical AR15 hardware around here. I don’t see a Warthog in my future though. Now get a German Shepherd on there and you will have my undivided attention.

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