Gas Block Genie – Install An AR-15 Gas Block The Easy Way!

Just spotted this on Brownells. Interesting, inexpensive and reusable tool for proper gas block alignment. Proper gas block alignment is on of those tasks on an AR-15 that on the surface looks simple and theoretically is but the devil is in the details. The first mistake novices make is to butt the gas block against the shoulder, this is wrong. The gas block is required to allow space for a handguard delta ring. Installing the gas block up against the shoulder on the barrel will result in a partially obstructed gas block and an AR-15 that may not cycle properly. The next area of concern is having the gas block level and perfectly aligned with the gas port. If the gas block is canted slightly the gas port will be obstructed and this too will result in an AR-15 that will not cycle properly. Fortunately the Gas Block Genie is here to make getting your AR 15 gas block properly aligned a simple task.

The gas block genie is currently only available for .750 barrels but other barrel diameters are coming soon.

Gas Block Genie

Ever put together an AR build, only to find that your semi-auto cycling system just doesn’t cycle? Looks like that gas-block installation didn’t go as well as you thought it did. Avoid future frustration by adding the Two Two Three Innovations Gas Block Genie to your AR building kit.

Unlike other gas-block alignment tools on the market, the Two Two Three Innovations AR Gas Block Genie Gas Block Alignment Tool can be used again and again, as many times as you want, during your AR build. All it takes is three simple steps.

The type of gas block doesn’t even matter when using the Gas Block Genie. Whether you’re working with clamp-on designs, rail-block designs or micro-size options, the Gas Block Genie can handle it all!

Picture of a Gas Block Genie AR-15 Gas Block Alignment Tool

Gas Block Genie AR-15 Gas Block Alignment Tool


Gas Block Genie Gas Block Alignment Tool Instructions

The Gas Block Genie quickly and easily allows you to perfectly align the AR-15 or AR-10 gas block hole with the gas port in your barrel every time.

  1.    Squeeze the Genie slightly to install into the forward face of the gas block so that the hole in the Genie is centered on the gas block hole. It may be easier to remove the rearmost set screw to do this. Part of the Genie should be sticking out the front side of the gas block
  2.    Use a very fine point marker or scribe to make a mark on the Genie where the forward edge of the gas block is. Make a small mark on the gas block at the slot in the Genie to indicate the top center of the gas block. It may be helpful to use a black marker on a stainless surface and a silver marker on a black surface.
  3.    Remove the Genie from the gas block and snap onto the barrel so that the hole in the Genie is centered around the gas port in the barrel.
  4.    Transfer the mark you made in step 2 to the barrel through the slot in the Genie.
  5.    Remove the Genie and slide the gas block onto the barrel.  As the Gas block approaches the barrel’s gas port you will see the line on the barrel and the mark on the front face of the gas block.  Simply align the two and you are finished!  A perfectly aligned gas block!