Apr 29, 2018

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The origin of this site dates back to it’s predecessor ar15tactical.net. Ar15tactical.net was born in an era where AR-15’s were still not quite household names with many shooters. It was also a time when the AR-15 accessory market was just beginning to explode. In 2011 it became obvious to me that with mobile devices becoming as popular as AR-15’s that the website platform had to change in both operating platform and content so I made the move to wordpress a platform that is mobile friendly and encourages visitor collaboration.


The purpose of this site is to focus on AR-15 rifles, parts and accessories that are less common. If your looking to build your own AR-15 of course that’s covered. If you want to be different though, lets say you are researching .22 AR -15 conversions, or you want a pistol caliber carbine AR-9, AR-45 etc then you have come to the right place.